Psychosomatic approach to disorders of the autonomic nervous system in general medical practice. O.O. Haystova. Neuronus № 2 (1), 2016

There was a parallel decrease in both autonomic symptomatic and affective symptomatology (anxiety and psycho-emotional lability) in monotherapy with mianserin. Multimodal drug mianserin (Miaser) at a dose of 10 mg/day is appropriate for monotherapy for somatoform vegetative dysfunction due to its effectiveness, safety and ease of use. Therefore, by the overall therapeutic effect, Miaser may be recommended for the treatment of disorders of the autonomic nervous system in general medical practice.

Arilentals - third generation antipsychotic. V.A. Manhubi. Neuronus. 2017.

Arilentals can safely be called a "third-generation" drug of atypical antipsychotics. The presence of a favourable endocrine safety profile and the absence of sedation when using aripiprazole favourably differentiates it from many members of the class of atypical antipsychotics.

The use of atypical neuroleptics in the practice of a family doctor. O.O. Haystova. Neuronus №8 (82), 2016

The use of quetiapine is appropriate for insomnia monotherapy in patients with anxiety and depressive disorders, chronic somatic diseases, including the elderly, at an initial dose of 25 mg. The presence of Quetixol (25 mg), a clinically bioequivalent original drug, makes it convenient and affordable to treat patients in this category.

Comparative analysis of atypical neuroleptics. O.S.Chaban. Neuronus № 10 (74), 2015

A considerable number of generic antipsychotic drugs are presented in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. However, the practitioner should pay attention to confirming their bioequivalence in volunteer-led research (clinical bioequivalence). Examples of products with proven bioequivalence in the Ukrainian market are Farmlyga products: Arilentals (aripiprazole), Risperon (risperidone), Quetixol (quetiapine) and Soleks (amisulpride).